We built predictable go to market teams & systems for tech startups.

We're build to help you scale faster, better. From building your acquisition motion with AI or the best tech tools, to scaling your go to market team. Expnd fills the gap between product market fit and unicorn status.

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  • Customer acquisition cost keeps raising at alarming rates. In just 2 years CAC grew from 150% to 264% of ARR.
  • There's more noise than ever, making it harder and harder to break through.
  • Growth at all costs (aka spray and pray) has been the norm since 2012 but doesn't build a sustainable go to market motion.
  • With more tech startups than ever before, the talent landscape is a war zone. 

Creating an outbound motion in 2024 is hard.

The market is evolving from a growth-at-all-costs movement to building sustainable go to market motions.

Meet Expnd, the only agency that scales your GTM system and team.

An overview of different sales softwares that all link together in an outbound sales motion.

Build a predictable outbound system

In a landscape where "growth at all cost" was the norm, there's a lot of noise in outbound making it hard to stand out. 

But there's a method to the madness and it looks somewhat like:

Outbound = (message x audience x offer)scale

  • Get your message right (automated email copy & personalisation).
  • Engage a hungry audience → the right ICP in combination with buying signals.
  • Scale your outbound motion at the speed of AI.
  • Set up your domain to increase deliverability (MX, SPF, DKIM, DMARC).

Scale your team

The team you build is the company you build. This means talent can be a huge bottleneck in building a company and getting traction. And as a startup, hiring B or C-players can have a detrimental effect on your bottom line.

Ensuring you get A-players is both challenging and time-consuming, especially with limited resources. At Expnd we use proven systems and experience to help you source and land A-players only. We're here to make the unscalable scalable. 


Average time to hire


Introductions invited to first round


12 Month retention rate


Average per hire


The best results demand a narrow focus. We're only doing GTM roles for tech startups. 

  • Operational sales roles: SDR/ BDR, AE or Full cycle roles.
  • Marketing roles: content, product, growth & performance.


Because we only work with 5 clients at any given time we can promise quality candidates, fast. 

This also allows us to really get to know you, the job and as a result only introduce real A-players.


We know you can't take risks when building a startup. So we've build in guarantees all the way. 

  • 100% money back if we don't get 5 qualified candidates within 4 weeks
  • 12 month guarantee on placed candidates

For startups

By a startup for startups. We understand the struggle of cashflow and the dynamic startup landscape. 

So we have no heavy upfront fees, we won't kill your cashflow and only introduce "startup proof" candidates. 

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